Our principle is to operate in a manner which protects and where possible enhances the well being of the environment.

The company is currently working towards ISO 14001 through a series of BS 8555 workshops.

Health & Safety
Safety is good business and is the number one priority.

Ultimately, a healthy and safe workforce is a much more productive and efficient workforce.

We aim to ensure all sites operate safely and to become an industry leader in the region in health and safety for civil engineering.

The quality of our work is our strongest statement and that in itself is dependant on the quality of the skills present in our staff at all levels.

It is our policy to enable all employees to apply their skills and talents to the full through appropriate encouragement, training and development.

Levels of staff retention, hours spent in training, average length of service and employee satisfaction.

The company strives for competitive advantage by building on exceeding customer
expectations and providing a service that delivers all that is promised.

We work to meet customer expectations through strong relationships, continually
improving quality and productivity.

Evidence of our professionalism, respect and openness is evident with high levels
of customer satisfaction, repeat business and favourable comparison with

Suppliers are crucial to the effective operation of our business.

We have developed our supply chain by creating, developing and sustaining strong
and long lasting relationships with key suppliers.

We only work with those suppliers whose principles, policies and practices are
compatible with our own.

Our interests and the interests of the wider society coincide.

Maximising safety, minimising disruption, inconvenience and pollution affecting
those around our work is the bottom line when it comes to the community.