Wedge Civil Engineering Ltd undertake drainage schemes in London and the South of England. We offer drainage construction in PVC and clay, as well as the construction of soakaways, land drains, water storage systems, Klargesters, interceptors and irrigation systems.

Land Drains
For drainage of groundwater related to subterranean development such as car parks, basements and areas in flood plains we offer land drain services using linear drainage systems and gravel drains.

We offer pipework for foul, mains and surface water drainage including clay and PVC systems. A large area of our work is associated with pumping stations and river engineering which has involved the installation of specialist water related pipework and machinery above and below the water table.

Storm / Surface Water
To client specification we install land drains, pipework and guttering, balancing tanks
and retention tanks for storm and surface water drainage across site wide developments
including car parks, new builds and industrial estates. We also have experience in making
high quality connections to existing and trunk drains as well as installing inspection
points, grease traps, oil interceptors, manholes and primary filtration screens,
where required.

The sewage work we carry out requires encapsulated sewers for sanitary and
industrial applications. We install main sewerage systems in materials including
clay, solid, twin & ultrarib PVC, PP and spirally wound HDPE, and install
concrete/steel manholes & access points with base and riser sections
where required.

Septic Tank Installation / Removal
We install new chamber based septic tanks with soakaways and drainfield systems to
client specifications and as well as removing and repairing old systems.

Klargesters & Interceptors
We design and install Klargesters and Interceptors, working with both the manufacturer
and client to provide the efficient & economic solution possible.

High Pressure cleaning tasks
We have the equipment and trained personnel to undertake specialist sewage cleaning,
high pressure cleaning. When undertaking high pressure cleaning works we use the DTB
Super Six Trailer Mounted pump. Not just is the pump ideal for cleaning tasks, it's the
ideal choice for unblocking, descaling and root cutting.