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Wedge Civil Engineering Ltd have successfully managed projects ranging from standard small patio installation to more challenging and complex jobs. We're always innovating, finding new ways to think about the patterns and layout of our paving to the use of colours, and other features such as steps and paths.

Our teams of driveway and garden specialists are handling many different paving projects from small patio areas to large driveways and paths. The many combined years of experience we have with driveways, paths and paving, patios, as well as more unusual jobs like courtyards and swimming pools helps us guide customers through the whole paving process.

We can include a range of special features in your new drive or paving.
Diveway Drainage - Drains can be incorporated in your patio or driveway
design. Flower Beds / Hedges / Trees - These can be included in the
design with special patterns to compliment.

Steps / Gates / Paths- These can be easily added to the design to
match the driveway. You can choose from massive range of design and
colour choices of paving available for both residential and
commercial customers to achieve a traditional paving look.