Wedge Civil Engineering Ltd undertake all aspects of road marking and work using thermoplastic paint, chlorinated rubberised paint, coloured and anti skid surfacing.

We also have the equipment to undertake line removal either through grinding or hot air lance.

Wedge Civil Engineering Ltd undertake work in all types of car parks including indoor, outdoor and multi storey. We have specially mounted equipment to undertake line painting on all floors of multi storey car parks. We have worked on car parks for the country's leading supermarkets; for example Tesco and Marks & Spencer's.

We believe that road safety is the number one priority at Wedge Civil Engineering Ltd. Our stud
range includes all types of road studs, ranging from the traditional stainless steel studs,
reflective studs through to the modern solar powered studs.

Wedge Civil Engineering Ltd has a wealth of experience and expertise in
road surfacing. Our fully qualified workers provide an efficient and excellent
service. We are able to undertake all aspects of anti skid surfacing work
and can carry out the preparation and laying of safety surfaces, anti-skid areas,
cycle lanes, sleeping policeman and edge of carriageway rumble strips.

Our civils here at Wedge Civil Engineering Ltd have accumulated a vast amount of
knowledge through years of experience. They can advise on car park layouts and also
offer a design service if required.